“Sea Hunter” offers a state of the art charter boat with a luxury finish. It is one of the best equipped vessels available today for both diving and deep sea fishing. It has been custom built for this role by Safehaven Marine, who has one of the safest strongest hulls available as seen in the pilot boats on their website.

Skipper is fully qualified to Dept. of Marine requirements with commercial endorsement.  Advanced power boat, ISA, sea survival, firefighting ticket, fully qualified diver open circuit all the way up to closed circuit, re-breather on mixed gas (mod3)

We are based in the historic seaside town of Youghal, on our own landing pontoon, which is in the heart of the town near B&B’s, pubs and fine food establishments.

We are out to the near fishing grounds in 15mins and out past Capel Island to reefs in approx. 30mins.  More time fishing not steaming!!

There has been large investment in making “Sea Hunter” a first class boat not just in service but taking care of our charter passengers. “Sea Hunter” is available for a complete range of services, from many locations, as follows:



Mid Week Evening trips to the Folia in summer months at 6pm

Sport Diving Club Days- 2 dives and an air fill at sea

Commercial Diving & Support including air fills on board from compressor

Technical fully equipped stable platform, skipper mixed gas & cc diver,3 bar deco station on board.  ALSO Marinox O2 KIT on 2G Cylinders


Survey 220v-2500w plus 340v 3 phase 12kva Fischer Panda Generator

Electric diver lift for Probe and Rov recovery

A Frame available on stern

Guard Boat Duties

Crew and cargo transfer, diverse shelter and deck area

Water sampling etc.


Press & PR Photography “Sea Hunter” has professional skippers with expert local knowledge and is available 7 days a week.

Team Building
School Trips
Whale Watching


Bottom fishing – Rays, Turbot, Plaice, Dogfish, Whiting etc.

Wreck fishing – up to 38 wrecks within a 30 mile range of Youghal

Conger, Codling, Bass, Pollack

Shark in season - Porbeagle and Blues tag and release for conservation

Cod, Ling, Bass, Pollack

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