“Sea Hunter” is one of the best equipped dive boats in the country both for sports and technical divers, all levels are catered for novice up to deep mixed gas projects OC & CC on wrecks 20 miles plus offshore, some of which have only been rediscovered in the last year alone.


Facilities on board include:

Electric diver lift on stern
Bauer 12cfm breathing air compressor to 300 bar
Seating for 12 inside from the elements and central heated
O2 Kits x 2 on board
Hot Shower and electric toilet accessed from deck
Kit up benches for 12 inch ring under storage for stages and scooters
240v for chargers, cameras & dive lights etc. 2,500w
Aquascan A x 2000 proton magnometer as used to locate U1276 May 2006 & HMS
Vervain July 2006
Full simrad electronics package, EQ60 sounders & olex 3D seabed mapping system
Deco station on board
2×15″ LCD & DVD for training courses on board

Deep mixed gas weekends or full weeks catered for including gas fills and mixing, storage of gear and stages for deployment supplied etc.
Accommodation arranged. Dozens of new wrecks waiting to be rediscovered of western approaches in 30 mile radius of Youghal.

Will also have operating area Cork Harbour to Dunmore East.

Sea Hunter” also works with one of the best training schools in the south coast.

Ardmore Diving providing all levels of diver training from PADI open water to TDI/IANTD, tri mix open circuit which we can also supply gas O2 and he fills prior arrangement

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